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Simply the Best Condiments

The Kocina is a Manitoba-based artisanal condiment company that blends traditional herbs and spices to elevate your next culinary adventure to unexpected heights.

Honouring our families’ secret recipes, all of our sauces are hand-crafted in small batches and celebrates food history one glorious bite at a time. We practice antiquated techniques and ingredients as our family roots can be traced to the King of Shilla (one of the Three Original Kingdoms of Korea) to the ancient Basques of Spain (indigenous people that inhabited the area that straddles both Spain and France).

Commemorating family tradition – no corners are cut. We deliver to you the most authentic flavours, from our home to yours.

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Our passion for food is legendary

because it is our legacy:

We are a Manitoba-based gourmet food company dedicated to preserving heritage food practices while handcrafting Korean, Basque (Spain) and Argentinian flavours into “Simply the Best Condiments”.

Our multicultural origins are reflected in our recipes and company name. The Kocina takes the Spanish word “Cocina” (kitchen) and adds a little Korean kick with the “K”, representing the heritage on both sides of our family. Our signature products include, Chimichurri from Basque, Spain, BBQ sauces and marinades from Korea and Hot Sauces from Argentina. Our secret family recipes are now available for the eager epicurean bringing it from our table to yours.

We know how to make spices sing and we know that magic happens when there is a perfect pairing of any meats, poultry, and vegetables with one of our condiments. Let us transform your meal into an adventure across the world one bite at a time while knowing our practices are always ethical.

We commit to minimizing our carbon footprint through sustainable packaging and minimalist waste practices.

We insist on sourcing local Canadian ingredients whenever possible and featuring only highest quality specialty additions from each region.

We consider the dietary needs of our adventurers which is why our chimichurri is gluten-free, vegan, without additives or preservatives, and GMO free.

At The Kocina it’s all about celebrating food history and every signature spice one delicious bite at a time.

Come and explore a world of flavour with “Simply the Best Condiments” from The Kocina.